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Our service commitment
Our service commitment

Our service commitment

We are committed to supporting people with learning disabilities to live the life they choose.

We also want to make sure we deal with any concerns you may have about our support promptly and effectively, as outlined in our service commitment.

Our service commitment

We support people by:

  • Working in partnership with them and those that know them well to create flexible services that meet their needs, whether they need a lot of support, or just occasionally
  • Where possible, involving them in deciding who supports them so they have the opportunity to do things they like, whether that’s meeting new friends, developing hobbies, working or volunteering
  • Involving them in deciding how we run Hft, both locally and nationally
  • Supporting them to have the home life they want, whether that’s in a residential home, at home with their family, or in their own home 
  • Helping them be independent by looking at their needs and using the right technology to meet those needs,  as well as to develop the skills and confidence to do things themselves where they can
  • Providing free support and information to families and carers of all people with learning disabilities, whether or not they’re supported by Hft.

What happens if you think we've got it wrong:

If you’re not happy about our support and you want to let us know, this is what we'll do to deal with your concerns:

When you write to us, we'll get back to you within five working days

We’ll normally give you a full response within 28 working days, but if we can’t, we'll let you know when we’ll be able to give you a full response. 

You can find full details of our complaints process on the How to complain page.

We assure you that we will:

  • Respond to concerns considerately, as quickly and effectively as we can
  • Take all comments and complaints seriously
  • Tell you what’s happening with your complaint and do everything we can to help
  • Do our best to treat the information you give us in confidence
  • Explain the decision taken about your complaint
  • Consider all complaints received to continually review and improve our support within our quality assurance system.

Our locations

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