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2017 General Election
2017 General Election

2017 General Election

Hft’s General Election Manifesto

Social care continues to dominate the political conversation, with plans for how to address the ongoing crisis forming keystone policies in many party manifestos.

Through our It Doesn’t Add Up campaign, Hft has sought to raise awareness of the funding pressures that have been created by the introduction of and subsequent unfunded increases to the level of the National Living Wage.

Ahead of this General Election, Hft is calling on the next government to reinstate the Minister of State for Social Care as part of the next cabinet. 



The Minister of State for Social Care?

  • In 2008, Social Care was promoted to the portfolio of a Minister of State, a senior Ministerial role. This continued until 2016, when the portfolio was given to a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State - a more junior position.

  • Hft believes that this move was essentially a 'demotion' for social care policy.

  • We would like to see the next government reinstate the portfolio to that of a Minister of State.

How would this help?

  • The social care sector is at a ’financial tipping point’, with many pressures, impacting on the financial viability of the sector, including: -

  • unfunded rises in the National Living Wage, 
  • ongoing legal uncertainty surrounding Sleep-In payments, and 
  • the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy.
  • A Minister of State would have access to resources that would enable them to obtain a holistic view of the social care sector, and how policies from various departments are impacting upon the sector.

  • Having a Minister of State would give the portfolio more clout, allowing for decisive policy decisions to be made.

  • Stakeholders would have a clear single point of contact within Government with whom to consult with on issues of concern.

To find out more, please read our full manifesto: Remedying a sector in crisis: A case for the reinstatement of a Minister of State for Social Care

Download a copy of Hft's Manifesto

Party Manifesto Summaries

To help you decide who to vote for on June 8th, Hft has produced a Manifesto Summary, which compares and contrasts the various mainstream political party positions relating to social care and/or disability issues.

Download your copy below.

Manifesto Summary

Hft guide to the 2017 General Election Manifestos


Download Hft's Manifesto

Remedying a sector in crisis: A case for the reinstatement of a Minister of State for Social Care


Download our guide to the manifestos

Summaries of the political parties’ positions on social care and disability issues, prepared by Hft.