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Find new ways to engage all your employees
Find new ways to engage all your employees

Find new ways to engage all your employees

People increasingly look for meaning in their work. They engage more deeply with employers that have a positive impact on the community and a sense of purpose.

A partnership with Hft creates simple ways for your employees to make a difference beyond the bottom line.

Taking on challenges with work colleagues is a great way for people to build team spirit, learn new skills and inspire each other.

Key benefits

  • Show employees you care
  • Offer a range of ways to get involved
  • Build team spirit
  • Help people to make a difference
  • Participate in bespoke events
  • Engage your customers or clients in fundraising activities
  • Raise the profile of your business

From fun appeals like our regular Pirate Day to gruelling tests of fitness like Team Extreme, we offer something to suit everyone.

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    Challenge events and runs

    We can help your employees to take part in a range of fundraising events and challenges – from running marathons and jumping out of aeroplanes to gentle bike rides.

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    Raising money for a good cause is fun and rewarding. As part of a corporate partnership, it’s a great way to bring staff together. We can organise fundraising events for your employees and support them at every step of the way.

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    Team Extreme

    The ultimate challenge for teams that want to push themselves to the limit – working together to overcome their fears and achieve the seemingly impossible. Our Team Extreme can include your clients, too.

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    Corporate Volunteering

    We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities so that your employees can get directly involved in helping people with life-changing learning disabilities. They range from mentoring programmes to accompanying people on trips to the cinema, the pub or a football match.

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    Payroll giving

    A tax efficient way for employees to make a regular donation to Hft, and for you to match their generosity. Payroll giving is a great way for a business to show its commitment to a good cause. And matched donations are deducted from company profits for tax purposes.

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To discuss how a partnership with Hft could benefit your business, please call 0117 906 1700 or email us at:

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Making a donation online with JustGiving is a quick, easy and safe way to support Hft.