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Involve your customers
Involve your customers

Involve your customers

Companies want to do business with partners that share their values. A partnership with Hft is proof to your customers – current and new – that you take your social responsibilities seriously.

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Your relationship with Hft makes it clear to the outside world that ideals like respect, kindness and integrity mean something real in your business. It’s a way of bringing your values to life.

Key benefits

  • Take a lead on corporate social responsibility
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Generate positive media coverage at a local and national level
  • Enhance customer relationships and community engagement

Reach new customers and build loyalty

Cause Related Marketing is a way of turning a corporate partnership with Hft into a commercial opportunity for your business. In simple terms, we work together to market one of your products or services branded with an Hft logo or message. Every time a sale is made, you forward a fixed-amount donation to Hft.

Cause Related Marketing benefits your customers, as it gives them an easy way to align themselves with a worthwhile charitable cause.And it works for your business too, as it opens up new markets and attracts new customers. Common results include higher sales and stronger customer loyalty.

To discuss how a partnership with Hft could benefit your business, please email or call 0117 906 1700.

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To discuss how a partnership with Hft could benefit your business, please call 0117 906 1700 or email us at:

Donate now

Making a donation online with JustGiving is a quick, easy and safe way to support Hft.