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Face to Face fundraising
Face to Face fundraising

Face to Face fundraising

Hft occasionally carries out face to face fundraising across England. Our professional fundraisers are out representing Hft visiting households and shopping centres and asking people to consider making a regular and long term donation to support our work.

Face to Face fundraising is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways for us to find new donors to support our vital work. If you would like any further information around our face to face activity please contact Gemma Hill on 0117 906 1699 or you may find an answer to your question below.

Face to Face fundraising

FAQs - Face to Face fundraising for Hft

I’m concerned that an Hft fundraiser is misrepresenting Hft?

All fundraisers receive continuous training throughout the year, however sometimes some fundraisers require extra support.

All fundraisers are required to wear and present their ID badge which will have their picture and name on, along with consent to fundraise on behalf of Hft.

If you have concerns about how fundraisers are representing Hft, please contact so we can ensure that extra training and support is given.

How is Face to Face fundraising regulated?

Face to Face fundraising is regulated by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) which is a self-regulating body, of which Hft is a member. The PFRA ensures that all face to face fundraising including door to door is carried out to the highest standard and ensures that Hft is following the Code of Fundraising Practice.

How will I know if Face to Face fundraising is happening near to me?

Fundraising is currently taking place across the whole of England. You can find out where specifically by calling 0117 906 1699.

I want to make a complaint about your fundraising. Who should I contact?

If you wish to make a complaint, please email or call 0117 906 1699.

For more information please contact

Head of Individual Giving

0117 906 1699

Database Officer

0117 906 1699

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Your donations are hugely important to Hft and help us commit to future projects.