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DIY fundraising resources
DIY fundraising resources

DIY fundraising resources

If you’re thinking about creating your own event or challenge for Hft you’re in the right place!

Download our DIY Fundraising Guide for inspiration, tips and advice on planning your event. Download helpful print resources like posters and sponsorship forms, or request balloons and stickers to set the scene.

Download your DIY Fundraising guide.

Download resources.

To request fundraising resources please email

Don’t forget to let our Community Supporter Care Team know about your event – they love to hear about the events being planned and can offer some support and guidance if you're unsure how to get things started. You can tweet them at @HftFundraising, email or call on 0117 906 1767. If you'd like some advice from your local Fundraising Manager you can find their details here.

And finally, if you’re keen to support Hft but only have a couple of minutes free time, sign up to become a Microdood by completing quick and easy Mircodeeds!

Become a Microdood!

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Your donations are hugely important to Hft and help us commit to future projects.