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Hft welcomes the publication of CLG Select Committee report on adult social care
Hft welcomes the publication of CLG Select Committee report on adult social care

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Hft welcomes the publication of CLG Select Committee report on adult social care

Published: 31/03/17

Hft, a national charity that supports adults with learning disabilities has today welcomed the publication of the Communities and Local Government Committee’s report into Adult Social Care. 

The charity, which submitted a report to the consultation, has welcomed several key recommendations from the report.  They are that:

  • Central government should take the responsibility for funding the cost to local authorities linked to care of initiatives such as the National Living Wage.
  • Councils need to be reminded that their market shaping responsibilities extend to and include oversight of the financial viability of their local providers.
  • An Innovation Fund be created, to allow local governments to fund innovative approaches to care.
  • Local authorities should be able to use additional revenues raised by 100% retention of business rates to plug the funding gap in social care before further responsibilities are devolved to them by central government.
  • The forthcoming Green Paper must consider all options regarding sustainable funding of social care post 2020.

Billy Davis, Public Affairs and Policy Manager Hft, commented:  “We welcome the conclusion of what has been the Committee’s longest inquiry in this Parliament. The committee has eloquently captured the various financial pressures currently facing the sector. We are particularly delighted that information submitted as part of our It Doesn’t Add Up campaign regarding underfunded increases in the National Living Wage, was included as part of the final report. 

“The Committee’s requests for increased funding in several areas – such as the National Living Wage, the Innovation Fund and a campaign to raise the profile of a career in social care – make the case for central government funding for social care all the more compelling. Through our original research, we have argued that local taxes are not enough to adequately fund social funding and that central government needs to commit to an annual uplift of at least 5% in order to keep the learning disability sector adequately funded.

“We now look forward to the forthcoming government Green Paper, which we hope will take the conclusions of the Committee’s inquiry into account.”

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