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Hft statement on the UN Committee’s observations on UK disability rights
Hft statement on the UN Committee’s observations on UK disability rights

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Hft statement on the UN Committee’s observations on UK disability rights

Published: 01/09/17

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has today (31st August) published its concluding observations on the initial report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Billy Davis, Public Affairs & Policy Manager at Hft, who attended the hearings in Geneva along with two people supported by the charity, commented: “The Committee’s concluding remarks into their report on the UK Government makes for interesting, if troubling, reading. The fact that this is the longest list of recommendations in the Committee’s history is a testament to the hard work of DDPOs and other stakeholder groups, as well as the UK Government’s engagement with the Committee.

Hft welcomes the Committee’s recommendations under Article 19 – the right to live independently and being included in the community. Through our It Doesn’t Add Up campaign, Hft has submitted written evidence to the Committee warning that the budget cuts for local authorities are hindering their ability to properly fund social care, which in turn is limiting the freedom of choice of those being supported by the sector.

We are pleased to see that this has been reflected by the Committee in their observations that existing legislation ‘fails to recognise living independently and being included in the community as a human right which enshrines individual autonomy, control and choice; as intrinsic aspects of the right to independent living’. 

We are also delighted that access to public facilities and discrimination against people with disabilities when accessing housing, which were concerns raised by the people we support who attended the hearing in Geneva , have been included in the final remarks.

In its concluding remarks, the Committee has made clear how austerity policies have negatively impacted on the lives of adults with learning disabilities and those who support them. We urge the Government to rise to the challenges set by the Committee and ensure that some of the most vulnerable adults in society are able to enjoy their full rights under the Convention and are free to live their best life possible.

The UK Government now has 12 months to implement three of the committee’s recommendations, including ‘ensuring sufficient budget allocation for local authorities to accomplish their responsibilities regarding for assistance for persons with disabilities’. Hft will monitor the Government’s progress with great interest and we look forward to offering suggestions for a sustainable funding solution for the social care sector.”  

Hft team at UN convention

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