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Future Clean goes from strength to strength
Future Clean goes from strength to strength

Future Clean goes from strength to strength

Our supported employment project Future Clean went from strength to strength in 2014, which meant even more job opportunities, an improved site location, and a Mayoral seal of approval.

Despite Future Clean having only been operating in Gloucestershire since April 2013, it has already achieved positive results for the people we support. The forthcoming years promise to be even better for Future Clean though, with bold new ideas and even greater ways of supporting people.

Meet the Future Clean team

Alan Pope, Supported Employment Coordinator notes that one person who works 24 hours a week with Future Clean is now looking for employment outside of the service, and there has been a noticeable change in all those who are working at the service already.

“One person wants to move up to full-time and is very capable of doing that. Additionally there has definitely been a change in the personalities of all our employees; they are very confident people now,” said Alan.

“I would say that more than 99% of our customers don’t know that our employees have learning disabilities because they come across so confidently and they just see the quality of the cleaning, rather than a person’s disability” he added.

This again demonstrates that people with learning disabilities can do just as good a job as those without, provided they are given the chance and the right support.

Future Clean is not just about cleaning cars; employees learn about customer services, sales, booking in cars and handling cash, among other things – all skills that put them in good stead when they go on to look for other jobs in the future, which are not necessarily in the car valeting sector.

It is a long-term goal to offer NVQs in customer service skills and other qualifications to Future Clean employees. These qualifications and the vital skills which people learn will inevitably create more opportunities for the people we support to gain meaningful employment.

“We also never know what employers are coming through and seeing what we do. Hopefully it is changing other employers’ preconceived ideas about what people with disabilities can do and achieve.” said Alan.