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Joyce learns to write
Joyce learns to write

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Joyce learns to write

Published: 13/03/17

Joyce, who is 55, has been supported by Hft Newcastle for the last 12 years. As well as a learning disability, she also has autism and epilepsy, and lived in an institution until her 40s.

When support worker Eve first met Joyce, she barely spoke to her. Although she was able to recognise certain words such as familiar names, Joyce could only read very basic texts and couldn’t write at all.

Eve supports Joyce to write a shopping list

Fortunately, Eve is patient and Joyce is a willing learner. Over the years, Eve taught Joyce to recognise and form letters, identify coins, do simple sums and ultimately, write whole sentences. It’s been a long process, but Joyce now loves writing – whether it’s her shopping list, a birthday card or a letter to her family.

“I’m very proud of her,” said Eve. “It’s unbelievable to see what she’s achieved. I think she’s one in a million.”

Subject: Services
Location: Hft Newcastle area


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