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The COAST Project
The COAST Project

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The COAST Project

Published: 19/06/15

The COAST Project has continued to evolve in recent years, and today we celebrate some of the achievements of the current students and look at the future plans for the project.

The COAST Project

COAST (Community Opportunities At St. Austell) is a community based course for adults with learning disabilities, aiming to help them build the life skills, confidence and self-esteem that they'll need if they want to live as independently as possible. The course covers key life skills to help the people we support to live in the community. These include:

•           Knowing your community
•           Money and budgeting
•           Relationships
•           Work awareness
•           Using public transport
•           Self-image and confidence building
•           Using a computer
•           Speaking out

Becky, Hannah, Michelle and Esme have achieved ‘Self-image and confidence building’ certificates and Sue Chapman, Service Manager at Roslyn Resource Centre, is looking forward to their future success:

“The ladies have made a big step in achieving their goals towards living independently in the community, and it’s great to watch their enthusiasm grow as they pass more modules. It’s great for the people we support because they are gaining new skills and building their self-confidence. Course requirements mean that people prepare for classes with homework, and present their modules to the rest of the class. It involves the input of family carers, advocates and staff – the COAST Project empowers people, and these certificates mean a lot to them.”

The COAST Project has been so successful since its early beginnings in St Austell, that it has since expanded to all areas of Cornwall and parts of Devon. The next step for COAST is to achieve accreditation which will cement its place as a leading skills course for people with learning disabilities in the area.

“Accreditation will validate how important these courses are to the people we support, commissioners, families and to the general public. We are receiving referrals from social workers who see the benefits of the COAST Project in helping people to lead independent lives. We are meeting the needs of the people we support in a creative and fulfilling way, in which we can demonstrate positive outcomes. We are incredibly proud of how this service is continuing to grow and we are striving to constantly help the people that we support achieve their goals” added Sue.

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Location: South West England