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Our work
Our work

Our work

At Hft we offer wide-ranging services with a focus: to support people with learning disabilities live the way they choose.

Our work

Supported living and domiciliary care
We support people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. Support is provided according to individual needs, which could mean anything from a few hours’ support here and there, to full 24 hour support.

We also work closely with local authorities and landlords to find accommodation to meet people's needs.  Using our Environments department, we also provide some supported living accommodation.

Supported employment and volunteering
A job can be a great way to build self-esteem, make friends and get involved in the local community. We support people with learning disabilities to find jobs or volunteering roles around Kent, doing everything from working in the local supermarket, to volunteering for local charities. We also employ a number of people we support within Hft.

Leisure activities
We run a range of activities at our day centre, including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Pottery
  • Drama
  • Cookery
  • Yoga
  • Computers
  • Gardening

People can also take part in activities in the local community, dependent on the area.

Registered care
Our registered care provision includes a purpose-built home for people with autism, and a house for people with complex needs who require a greater level of support. People are supported according to their wants, needs and aspirations.

Specialist services
We can support people with a range of needs. We provide specialist accommodation for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and complex needs.

Being in control of your own life is important. At Hft  we enable people to make decisions about their lives. Decisions can be as simple as "what do I want for lunch", or "who should support me" or as far reaching as "what do I want from my life". Everyone is different - we work with the people we support and those close to them to help them in making decisions in a way that meets their particular skills and needs.

We support the people using our services to run their own homes. On an individual basis this might mean support to pay the bills, do the housework, or pick a paint colour for the walls. 

If someone has chosen to share with friends we might also support them to have regular meetings to make group decisions about how they want to live, like how to split up communal bills, how to decorate or who does the washing up. Or to deal with any minor niggles that come from living with others.

We also have a vibrant Speak Out Group, where people we support come together to help decide how services are managed.

‘I have never seen my sister so happy and involved as much as she is now. When she went to the Hft conference it was the first time in her life that she’d stayed in a hotel. At one time I wouldn’t have thought this was possible. Thank you Hft for supporting her to do this.’

Personalised technology
At Hft we work with people with learning disabilities and their families to identify anything that makes it difficult for them to live as independently as they'd like. Or stops them from doing what they want to in their daily lives. 

That might mean someone not wanting to wait for help to put music on, or getting confused with half a dozen remote controls for different gadgets. Working with the person we're supporting, we identify and put in place personalised technology solutions to help with daily issues.

Our CQC Ratings

See CQC inspection reports for each of Hft's registered services that have been rated by the CQC.


Ian's story

Thanks to Personalised Technology installed in his home, Ian’s confidence and independence has grown.