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David and Connor's story
David and Connor's story

David and Connor's story

David, a person we support, suffered from nightmares. This was made harder by the fact that as a private person, he wasn’t easily able to talk about his bad dreams.  He soon became unhappy and felt vulnerable.

When a visit to the GP didn’t help, David’s support worker, Connor, tried a different approach. He encouraged David to harness his imagination for better use - by writing a story instead.

David and Connor

The plan was a breakthrough. David was full of ideas which he dictated to Connor to type up. It was soon clear that writing enabled David to express his feelings and communicate comfortably.

The day ‘A Thief in the Town’ was completed, David shared it with everyone. Writing the book has given him more confidence and contentment, and crucially, his nightmares have reduced.  

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