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Finding a job - Becky
Finding a job - Becky

Finding a job - Becky

Hft supported Becky in finding the right job for her, building her confidence, experience and skill set.

Finding a job - Becky

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Becky recently moved into her own home in Cornwall after living with her parents. She had already completed first aid and catering courses at college and worked in a restaurant near her parent’s home when her employers downsized the business and unfortunately had to make Becky redundant.

The local Hft job coach, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, supported Becky in her search for a job near her new home. Becky successfully applied for and secured a job working two days a week at a children’s nursery, where her bubbly personality made her a natural fit.

Becky chose a nursery that offered her the chance to do NVQ training in the future and that was close enough to her house so she didn’t need extra financial support to cover transport costs.

Becky now combines this voluntary job with work at the picturesque Lanhydrock Gardens and more study - at the moment focusing on improving her catering skills. She also has a paid monthly job delivering a local magazine. 

By building up her work experience and skills, Becky is on a path to living the life she chooses - securing a regular, paid job and working on a team with other members of the public, not only people with learning disabilities.

Patrick McLaughlin, Service Manager at Hft Cornwall, said: “By learning new skills and gaining valuable experience, Becky is now reaching the stage where she can apply for other paid jobs. This has also really helped Becky’s confidence - she used to be shy and reserved. There is great kudos for her in doing what most other people in the country are doing: working.”

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