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Everyday life
Everyday life

Everyday life

Sometimes it’s the way Hft supports people in everyday life – things many of us take for granted - that makes the biggest difference. Read our stories to find out more.

  • Being Heard - Sarah

    Sarah's story

    Personalised Technology is playing an important part in helping Sarah to be heard and understood, and to make her own decisions.

  • Directing her own support - Yvonne

    Yvonne's story

    A Self Directed Support pilot from Hft allows Yvonne to have more say in when and how she’s supported.

  • Living independently - Our story

    Adrian, Phil & Sue's story

    For Adrian, Phil and Sue, being able to choose who you live with and where you live was fundamental to their happiness.

  • Living in his own place - James

    James' story

    James has enjoyed the sense of control, responsibility and choice he has since Hft supported him in moving into his own place with three friends.

He seems to now be very happy and proud of his home, always eager to return there after a day out. This is now definitely his home and he particularly enjoys the freedom to answer the telephone and easy access to the local amenities.

Dave & Karen (James' parents)