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Directing her own support - Yvonne
Directing her own support - Yvonne

Directing her own support - Yvonne

Hft supports Yvonne in the way she wants, when she wants it, through a Self Directed Support scheme.

Directing her own support - Yvonne

I want to make my support go further


Eight years ago Yvonne successfully moved out of registered care into supported living with three other people. She was part of a Self Directed Support pilot which enabled Yvonne to make her support go further.

While the total number of supported hours remains the same, by sharing support - and even reducing those shared hours at times when they didn’t need them (for example on a Sunday morning), Yvonne and her housemates have freed up time to have more personal support to help them meet their individual goals and dreams.

What this means for Yvonne is that she now chooses how to use her one-to-one time to help her live the life she wants. Keeping fit through belly dancing for example was one of Yvonne’s goals, so the Hft team helped her shop for the right gear, find a class and attend with her as part of her dedicated support time – varying the support hours used depending on Yvonne’s requirements.

Yvonne’s self-confidence has grown since she’s had more freedom to choose how to spend her time, which includes caring for her dog and working in a pet shop. People listen to what she wants to do and help her make it happen. As a pilot project, Yvonne’s house showed how powerful Self Directed Support can be and similar programmes are now being rolled out across the area.

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