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Peter’s Narrowboat Adventure
Peter’s Narrowboat Adventure

Peter’s Narrowboat Adventure

Here is the written story of events by Peter himself assisted by Lisa Houghton, supported living worker, Bournemouth.

Peter’s Narrowboat Adventure

Locks, sausage rolls and narrowboats – by Peter, a person Hft supports

I was recently supported to achieve my goal of going on a supported holiday, spending 5 days and nights on a narrowboat.

We set off to Nantwich to pick up the boat and once we arrived I had a good look round and I was very happy with our boat. We unpacked the car and got unpacked and then cast off and cruised down to Barbridge where we moored for the night having dinner at the Barbridge Inn.

The following morning it was torrential rain and it showed no signs of stopping so with all our waterproofs on we set off. First we filled the boat with water and then we cruised to our first lock, there was nobody else about as it was raining so hard, so it gave my support worker plenty of time to teach me the safe operation of the locks.

Once through we headed to the next one and through that we stopped for lunch. After lunch the sun came out and we didn’t see rain again for the rest of the holiday. We cruised onto Middlewich where I had 5 locks to do in quick succession.                                     

We then moored in Middlewich for the night and had dinner at the Kinderton.

Next morning we set off for Anderton boat lift and I encountered my first double lock, but we helped a boat coming up first and then when it was time to get our boat down the lock, a lovely man that was moored further up helped me.

On the way to Anderton I was supported to steer, but I wanted to do more locks but there wasn’t any, so I was given the options and I chose to turn round and go back to Middlewich.

Back through the locks and it was a sharp turn onto the Middlewich Arm.

We moored at the very beginning of the Middlewich Arm and then went to dinner at The Kings Lock.

The next morning we went for a walk into Middlewich and had a look round the shops and got hot sausage rolls to eat walking back to the boat. We then set off back down the Middlewich arm for Nantwich, mooring again at Barbridge for the night.

Next morning we set off back to Nanatwich where we filled up with Diesel, had a pump out and paid for a Valet before heading off home.

I really loved doing the locks it was great fun and I enjoyed meeting other people on their boats. I loved filling up the boat with water everyday and took that on as my job.

I was supported steering the boat, but had a tendancy to oversteer so support was close at hand, but by the end of the trip I could steer her under bridges. I could make tea if the gas was lit for me as when it was ready the kettle whistled loudly to let me know it was boiled. I could pull the boat in when we had to stop and moor.

I now can’t wait to go again next year but I want more locks to do!