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 An Introduction
 An Introduction

An Introduction

We use the term Personalised Technology (PT) to describe the gadgets and equipment selected to meet someone’s daily needs, whether at home, out and about in the community or at work. Other organisations sometimes use the term Assistive Technology.

An Introduction

We call it Personalised Technology (PT)  because it's not about the technology, but the people and how we can enhance their lives.

This is reflected in every aspect of our approach to using PT. We find out how each person wants to live their life, and then look at what’s the right solution for them.

Solutions can include anything from telecare equipment and environmental controls, to mobile technology and communication aids.

We follow a clear process to make sure we’re using PT as effectively as possible for the people we support. This includes:

Personalised Technology only really benefits the people involved if they understand how it works, its purpose and the benefits of using it.

This means that it’s really important for everyone involved to get to know the equipment and be trained how to use it.

If a call centre is responsible for monitoring a sensor in someone's home for example, clear processes must be agreed and followed if a sensor is set off.

At Hft we’ve developed specialist PT training courses for our staff to make sure they understand all about PT and how it can enhance the lives of the people we support.

With any system it is always important to have safeguards in place to make sure it works as intended. We make sure that back-up processes are in place in case anything goes wrong. This gives everybody involved peace of mind and reassurance.

Ethical considerations
Technology is very powerful and the use of it raises ethical considerations. It’s important for us to be very clear about why a particular technology is being used, especially when getting consent from the person for whom it is intended.

The same technology can be used to support a person’s independence as to monitor their movements. We can use GPS, for example, to define an area within which a person can move about.

If they move outside this area staff are alerted. If someone is concerned or anxious about getting lost they might find this solution very attractive, and as a result be more confident about venturing out and about more independently.

Jonathan's story

Jonathan moved into his new home. He wanted to be more independent but relied on staff to support him to take his medication. He wanted to be able to take control of this himself.

He now uses a specialist medication dispenser linked to his Lifeline phone.

If Jonathan forgets to take his medication an alert is sent to a call centre, who contact support staff so they can take action.

This has enabled Jonathan to achieve his goal. He now has greater independence and a reliable solution in place for managing his medication.

For more information about Personalised Technology, please contact our dedicated PT Support Officer by emailing


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