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Implementing Personalised Technology
Implementing Personalised Technology

Implementing Personalised Technology

When it comes to putting Personalised Technology into place, the people we support are always at the centre of the process.

Implementing Personalised Technology

We implement Personalised Technology solutions based around people’s needs, their goals, and the barriers they face in living life as independently as possible.

We carry out an initial assessment on each individual and design a proposed “toolkit” of technology to meet that person’s specific needs.  

For Personalised Technology to work most effectively, it’s crucial that the people using it feel they’re at the centre of the process and in control of any proposed solutions. 

We follow the principles of the Mental Capacity Act which means we gain consent for Personalised Technology solutions from the person being supported where possible. If they’re unable to provide consent, we work with those that know them well.  

At Hft, we don't see Personalised Technology as a one-off fix, but as part of the on-going process of continually evaluating people's needs or ambitions.

Sue's story

Sue moved from registered care into supported living with two friends.

She has limited communication skills and epilepsy, and she's also prone to falling.  She wanted the privacy of her own room but is unable to use or keep a key.

By using a combination of sensors, pagers and a finger print lock so she can get into her room without a key, Sue now has the independence and security she wants.  During the night Sue gets the support she needs when she needs it by using telecare sensors linked to a staff pager.

A bed sensor turns her lamp on when she gets out of bed during the night and she uses a finger print lock on her bedroom door.


    Ian's story

    Thanks to Personalised Technology installed in his home, Ian’s confidence and independence has grown.


    Adrian, Phil & Sue

    For Adrian, Phil and Sue, being able to choose who you live with and where you live was fundamental to their happiness.

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