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Personalised Technology Projects
Personalised Technology Projects

Personalised Technology Projects

Our Personalised Technology team are involved in a number of exciting projects exploring where use of the right technology in the right place can support people with learning disabilities to live more independent, safe, and healthy lives.

  • Image of conceptual PT device

    Hft/University of the West of England student design project

    Hft has been part of an exciting project at UWE where students were challenged to design a new piece of PT that could be used to support people with learning disabilities.

  • Innovating for Improvement

    Innovating for Improvement

    Hft has been selected by the Health Foundation, an independent health care charity, to be part of its £1.5 million innovation programme, ‘Innovating for Improvement’.

  • BOLD-TC project

    BOLD-TC project

    The 'Better outcomes for people with learning disabilities – transforming care' project is designed to trial video-consultation services with people with learning disabilities with the intention of improving their health and outcomes.

  • Mi (dallas) Project

    Mi (dallas) Project

    Hft was a lead partner in the Mi (dallas) project, which aimed to show how assisted living technologies and services can promote wellbeing and help people to live independently.

  • ENTELIS Logo

    Hft is an Associate Partner in ENTELIS.

    ENTELIS is the European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society.