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Types of Personalised Technology
Types of Personalised Technology

Types of Personalised Technology

There’s a huge range of Personalised Technology solutions available which can help people do everyday things more easily, live more independently, and stay safe.

Types of Personalised Technology

Here are just a few of the solutions we might suggest after we’ve worked with someone to identify what they need to meet their personal goals.

Keep secure in your home with a fingerprint lock that lets you unlock the door without using a key, a video entry system so you can see who’s at the door before you open it, or a panic alarm so you can press a button and alert someone if you’re worried about who’s at the door.

If you forget your keys, a door sensor with a voice prompt can give you a handy reminder to take your keys if you go out. It could also alert someone if the door has been opened.

Stay in touch with friends and family - a big picture phone will show you pictures of the people you want to call, rather than numbers, making it ideal for people who struggle with technology. An easy-use mobile phone will make  it easier  to stay in touch when you’re out and about.

Keep safe in the bathroom - a Magiplug will let  the water out if the bath’s about to overflow, or change colour if the water is too hot. A Novaflow system shuts off the taps to avoid flooding if the taps are left running. 

Switch on with an environmental control. Problems finding the lights or working out how to switch on the TV? An environmental control will make this easier. There are even controls to open and close the curtains.

Be safe in the kitchen - it’s easy to forget to switch off the cooker or leave a pan boiling. Telecare sensors can alert you if there’s smoke, carbon monoxide, gas, or excess heat.

Stay safe at night - a bed occupancy sensor can alert someone if you don’t return to your bed after a certain amount of time. Or a light might come on automatically to make sure you can see where you’re going.

Take control of your own medication - a medication dispenser will remind you take your medication, give you the right dose, or alert someone if you forget.

Watch an online demonstration showing how Personalised Technology can be used to help people on our “Virtual Smarthouse” website


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