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Residential care
Residential care

Residential care

We offer high-quality residential care for adults with learning disabilities, with a focus on helping people we support to live life as independently as possible.

Residential care

If residential care is an option, we’ll work with you, your family, carers and health professionals to develop support that’s tailored to your needs.

You can find out about registered care in your area in our Locations section.  We're also happy to work with Local Authorities to develop small registered services.

We take the standard of care and support we offer very seriously. All our residential care homes are run to meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who regulate care provision in England. 

Our homes
Hft provides a number of small, high-quality personalised residential care homes, which are adapted to meet the needs of the people supported there. Where appropriate, we’ll provide specialist equipment to meet people’s specific needs.

Many of the people in our homes also use personalised technology to help them live their lives as independently as possible.

Case study:

J loves music. He used to have to wait for support workers to come and put on any music he wanted to hear. He would get frustrated and angry if people couldn’t immediately help him.

Our personalised technology team worked closely with J to see if they could help. J now has an easy-to-use touchscreen computer which allows him to select and play the music he wants, when he wants to. J is much happier now he is in control.

Involvement and independence
Everyone we support is encouraged to take part in as many everyday activities as they can, whatever their support needs. That could mean:

  • Doing the household chores
  • Deciding how their home is run
  • Choosing their staff
  • Decorating their room, their way

Sometimes involvement can be as fundamental as developing skills that other people take for granted, such as supporting people to eat and drink on their own. It’s all about giving people as much as control as possible over their life.

Specialist services
We also provide specialist support services to those with specific needs, including:

  • Supporting people with profound and complex needs, including Prader Willi
  • Dementia care
  • End of life support
  • Support of profound and complex needs

We’re highly experienced in developing new specialist support services.  Please get in touch with your local Area Manager to discuss how we can help.


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Our locations

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